Live cricket streaming on CricUlive, smooth and sleek streaming experience

Live cricket streaming on CricUlive, smooth and sleek streaming experience


You ever felt you are on the wrong website for live streaming?

Many times when a person comes up on the internet to watch live cricket he wants to find a good website that provides useful features of livestreaming,but many people end up on a wrong site full of ads,and the streaming is also not very good. In the end, the person has to watch livescores instead of living streaming. If it ever happened to you, then you at the right place, You will know a good website to watch live cricket after reading this Blog.

Watching live cricket on CricUlive

The best thing about anywebsite is the design; a user-friendly design is a key to live to stream. On another site, you will see many links to live to stream and then end up on the wrong page and waste your precious time. And you might miss some of the best moments of cricket history. On criculive, you will get the best live streaming experience,and you would not have to do anysignup and other struggles that you have to go through on another website. Sometimesit’s not the fault of a site that your streaming is not working smoothly, I could be some other factors as well let us explain them to you for a better understanding of live streaming and how does it work.

What are barriers tolivingto stream

There are various barriers that you might have in live streaming,and you might even never notice them in your life. So here are some of them that might increase your knowledge about streaming on the internet.

  • Internet speed

Internet speed plays a vital role in livestreaming,and you must have a good and stable internet connection to watch live cricket streaming. The connection must have at least 2mb/s of speed to see live streaming without any buffering.

  • Your computer device

Many people say it does not matter which device you are using, the only internet is the factor behind smooth streaming,but it is not true. Your device does matter,and you must have a device that has a good processor and good RAM. If your computing device is slow, then it can cause glitches and buffer of the video

  • Web traffic

This wordis used for the person that isvisiting the website and how frequently they are visiting. The website you are using might have high traffic that is why your connection gets lost because the website cannot handle too many traffic at the same time. When you are cricket website, almost thousands of people are accessing that website at the same time, and the traffic causes the buffering.

How to overcome these all barriers

These barriers are not a big problem as long as you know the solution. Butif you have faced these problems and did not find a solution to these problems, then this is what you should do. Convert your landline connection to 2mb/s connection. If you have an old mobile phone, you can use a laptop to watch live streaming, or you can upgrade your mobile phone. The third problem can be solved by changing the website and turning to a good website that can handle a good amount of users. Criculive is a good website with goodtrafficmanaging. If you do not have first twobarriers, you have a good connection and good mobile phone then you need to visit circulate for a better experience of live streaming and enjoy the cricket match.